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About our osteopathic treatment in Dunedin

A holistic and natural approach to pain, injuries and discomfort
BodyWise Osteopathic Clinic in Dunedin provides effective and affordable osteopathic treatment for all ages. Lorraine Green and Bruce Smith provide their patients with the right osteopathic treatment tailored to their needs. They are a committed team who are dedicated to understanding their patient’s problems and helping them to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. Speak to the friendly team at BodyWise Osteopathic Clinic in Dunedin to arrange a personal consultation today.

Individual consultation

A comprehensive consultation is an important first step in designing an individual osteopathic treatment plan that will benefit you. We allow time to take a detailed case history and use an examination process that enables us to do this.  

. We can help with:
  • Muscle pain
  • Migraines
  • Sporting injuries
  • Lifestyle and posture advice
  • Ergonomic advice

Safe and natural pain relief

Osteopathy has been used since the late 1800s and is a proven beneficial treatment that is safe, gentle and effective.

As well as providing treatment, we offer advice on stretching and strengthening exercises, and ergonomic changes that may need to be made at work and home, to help speed recovery and help prevent problems returning in the future.  

Aurora Health Centre

Aurora Health Centre strives to provide accessible, quality health care in partnership with our patients. The health centre has grown to include both male and female doctors and four nurses but maintains it’s personal, caring touch. www.aurorahealth.co.nz. 
Osteopathic treatment in Dunedin

Our Osteopaths

Lorraine Green
Lorraine graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in England in 1992.She worked in Nottingham and London before moving to Auckland. In 1998 she and Bruce established Bodywise Osteopathic Clinic in Dunedin.

She enjoys working with people of all ages using a variety of osteopathic techniques and likes to educate patients with lifestyle and work advice to help prevent problems returning.
Bruce Smith
Bruce qualified from the European School of Osteopathy in 1995, and apart from one year in the UK, has been working as an osteopath in New Zealand since then.
 Bruce enjoys working with people with arthritis, helping them to develop exercises and stretching routines that work for them, to keep them as strong and flexible as possible.

Bruce has participated in triathlon and multisport for over a decade, which has given him a good understanding of both treating sporting injuries, and the rehabilitation required to get people back to full fitness afterwards.
Kesh Sampath
Kesava (Kesh) is a New Zealand trained osteopath, graduating with a Masters of Osteopathy from UNITEC Institute of Technology, Auckland. Having worked in different osteopathic clinics in Auckland, Kesh moved to Blenheim in search of the ‘real’ Kiwi experience. After a very fruitful 3 years at Blenheim, Kesh moved down to Dunedin in pursuit of his Doctoral degree at Otago University where he will be exploring the role of manual therapy in influencing the autonomic nervous system.

Prior to his osteopathic training, Kesh worked as a physiotherapist in India. The eastern culture significantly influenced him to adopt a holistic view of the body. This ‘holistic’ view eventually led him to do his post-graduate training in osteopathy. Kesh enjoys treating a wide variety of complaints including headaches, neck/lower back pain, arthritis, sports injuries and babies. 

Having come from India, Kesh has a natural affinity towards cricket. He enjoys playing indoor cricket and plays 2nd grade cricket for Celtic cricket club during summer. Whenever possible, he takes his camera and enjoys taking photos of the ever changing Otago scenery.

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