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Dunedin's trusted local osteopaths

A Holistic Approach to Health 
BodyWise Osteopathic Clinic in Dunedin provides a range of treatments aiming to reduce pain and improve strength and mobility.
Osteopathy offers a gentle and effective ‘hands-on’ approach to the diagnosis and treatment of muscular and joint problems throughout the entire body, using soft tissue massage, articulation, stretching and manipulation techniques. Our Osteopaths provide advice on postural improvement, lifestyle changes and the use of exercise to improve recovery and help in preventing symptoms returning. Please call us today to make an appointment.
Dunedin's trusted local osteopaths

Safe and effective

Osteopathy is clinically effective to treat muscle and joint problems. BodyWise Osteopathic Clinic in Dunedin can help with both recent injuries, such as whiplash following a car crash, or a rolled ankle, and long standing pain, stiffness and weakness resulting from older injuries and arthritis. BodyWise Osteopathic Clinic in Dunedin can help to relieve symptoms caused by repeated activities at work and home and a range of ailments, including:
  • Spine and joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Sporting and training injuries
  • Colic and disturbed sleep in babies and infants
  • Pain during pregnancy
  • Postural problems

Dedicated practitioners

Our experienced Osteopaths are qualified and have gone through extensive training. Their diverse educational backgrounds and experiences enable us to provide our patients with the best treatments possible.

Our registered Osteopaths and ACC treatment providers are:
  • Lorraine Green D.O (UK)
  • Bruce Smith D.O (UK)
  • Kesava Sampath M.Ost., B.P.T.
We can initiate ACC claims and patients don’t need to be referred by a G.P.
We have easy ground floor access and free parking on site.
Call BodyWise Osteopathic Clinic in Dunedin for more details.
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